Australia Egalitarianism

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This essay argues that Australia is not an egalitarian society. Firstly I will be showing evidence that would have us believe the Australian Government is staunchly egalitarian. Secondly I will be showing how this information is contradictory and thirdly I will show evidence of how the actions of the community regarding race and homosexuality is a clear indication of where the community in general stands. To support my argument I will be discussing race and homosexuality acceptance/tolerance only. Since the 1970’s the Australian Government has been vocal in its efforts of assimilating minority groups, in particular migrant and homosexuals groups. The term multiculturalism was first used within the Whitlam government. Former minister…show more content…
The article Emerging Issues discusses among other things, public opinion polls which found to ‘show some fear of racial trouble, widespread resistance to Asian immigration and a strong intent to keep Australia ‘White’ (Goot 1984: 17), it goes on to say that there has been a certain amount of tolerance but attitudes toward Asian immigration where negative. Another example would be the Cronulla Race riots, which was a series of racially motivated events in Cronulla in 2005 where 5000 people descended on Cronulla to protest against ‘non-locals’ (reportedly Middle Eastern looking youths from Western Sydney) being violent towards ‘locals’. A previous incident between three off-duty life savers and youths of middle eastern appearance had sparked the protest. There were many injuries to the ‘non-locals’, both male and female, that happened to arrive at Cronulla that day, most were mobbed and bashed. Many incidents of violence occur within the homosexual community also. Reportedly, “the extend of violence against those perceived as gay has reached alarming heights...between 1990 and 1993 in New South Wales there were at least eleven deaths resulting from gay bashings” (p120,
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