Assignment 202: Principle of Personal Development Essay

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Assignment 202: Principle of personal development Identify two standards for each of the different aspects of social care work listed below. Ai Confidentiality and sharing information * Ensure enquiries are giving out to the appropriate persons. * Respecting client information and honouring work commitments. Aii Equality and diversity * Whistle blower in any case of harm and abuse. * Respecting the individual rights of others at all times. Aiii Health and safety * Risk assessment should be made in the work area. * Protect yourself and clients from harm and abuse. Aiv Personal development * Continual search for knowledge and confidence. * Personal reflection on own work to observe development. Av Safeguarding and protection * Monitor hazard, health and safety risks while working, ensuring clients are kept safe at all times. * Check that people who are present have a right to be there. Avi Explain what a PDP is, and what it should include. * Personal development planning is a process that helps an individual to reflect on their learning activity, performance and achievements on a job, helping them to better themselves and achieve personal educational and career development leading to more competence, effectiveness and safe practise. * PDP should include but not limited to: 1. Reflection: continually monitoring owns knowledge and skills; attitude, how well one does and what could be improved. 2. Recording: ones ideas, thoughts and experiences. It could be pt in writing, or use of audio. 3. Action planning: goals are better achieved when there is a set plan, so it’s a good thing to set out a plan of your own. 4. Executing: basically carrying out the activities set out in the plan. 5. Evaluation: this gives a view on how well you have been doing, you could ask for feedback from care manager
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