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Assignment 1.1 from Ch. 1 of Communication in the Workplace Jayme Bjorklund BCOM/275 Version 2 January 13, 2014 Doris Savron Assignment 1.1 from Ch. 1 of Communication in the Workplace Misunderstanding Example 1: Who was the sender? Myself [Certified Paralegal]. Who was the receiver? The client. What was the message? Summary of client’s Representation and Fee Agreement. What channel was channel was used to send the message? The message was given to the client verbally, in person, as well as a physical hard copy of the document. What was the misunderstanding that occurred? It was regular practice in my office to verbally summarize the client’s Representation and Fee Agreement to the client in person when the attorney agrees to represent the client and the client agrees to pay for the services. In this instance the Representation and Fee Agreement was verbally summarized to the client. The client was then advised and given the opportunity to read the document in its entirety before signing and paying the retainer fee. The client opted to not take the time to read the document and signed it as well as providing the required retainer. The client’s case began and our office worked and paid ourselves out of the retainer fee provided in accordance with the Representation and Fee Agreement. The retainer depleted and the client was requested to replenish the retainer. The client was continually asked by the attorney and staff to replenish the retainer, all requests was ignored by the client and the client’s bill kept going up. After several attempts, both verbally and in writing, with no results, the attorney filed to withdraw from the case due to lack of payment. During the withdrawal hearing the client argued that they were never told that they would they would have to replenish their retainer. The attorney provided evidence of the contrary.

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