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Assess the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in dealing with young offenders Judgment = mainly effective to an extent punishment can be too lenient can be shown through how safe the community is. Components: • Evaluate effectiveness of the legal system The criminal justice system deals with young offenders differently to adults offenders. Different countries apply the term ‘young offenders’ to different age groups depending on the age of criminal responsibility in that country Factors that ensure the effectiveness of the criminal justice system when dealing with young offenders Age of criminal responsibility is effective b/c children do not have the experience or metal capacity truly form the necessary Mens rea to commit a crime Given greater protection by the law at every stage of the criminal justice system b/c they are more vulnerable and have a greater chance of rehabilitating and becoming responsible citizens Children’s court proceedings are designed to protect children who are with a criminal offence, while also holding into account for any crime they have committed  Court Proceedings And Operation CC is a special court established under the children’s court act 1987 (NSW) dealing with matter under 18 and dealing with care and protection of children referred to it by NSWCS (DOCS) The children’s (Criminal proceedings) Act 1987 requires the CC to show regard for the following main principles: o Children have rights equal to adults. Right to be heard and participate in proceedings that affect them o Children are responsible for their actions but require guidance and assistance o Education of the child should proceed without interruption o Where possible a child should be able to reside in their own home (Depending if parents are suitable or want them there) Given greater protection than adults when questioned or
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