Assess Sociological Explanations of Gender Differences in the Patterns of Crime Essay

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In this essay I am going to be assessing the patterns of crime committed by males and females, I will be looking into explanation of female conformity, explanations of female crime and male crime and finally if the law is sexist i.e. does chivalry exist. Official statistics claim that gender is a very important factor contributing towards crime as they show that women are less like to commit criminal behaviour or put in prison then men, this is supported by the fact that 80% of offenders are male, this can be due to many factors such as the biology in men which may lead to increased violence and stereotypes that may affect crimes reported, I will later assess these issues. Males are also more likely to reoffend and be serious sex offenders. However we must be aware that these official statistics are not accurate due to the selective law enforcement, where men are targeted more often as they fit the stereotype of a criminal which leads onto the chivalry factor where men have protective attitudes towards women. Therefore the Criminal Justice System treat women more leniently thus their crime is less likely to end up in official statistics; hence some sociologists argue official statistics underestimate the amount of female crime. Typically female crimes such as shoplifting are less likely to be reported. Similarly prostitution, committed by more women is more likely to go unreported. Even when women’s crimes are reported they’re less likely to be prosecuted or be let off lightly. Feminists are also critical of the official statistics because they hide the true figure of domestic abuse and rape, i.e. it may not be reported by the victim or taken seriously by the police. Traditionally sociology ignored female crime seeing it as petty and not a social problem. This is further highlighted by the fact that in previous outdated textbooks there were no trace of female
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