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Asian Month Festival Attending the Asian Month Festival in Westover Hills Church of Christ was a unique experience. Beautiful dancing performances were not seen only by the Chinese and Japanese, but as well from other cultures such as India’s and Mexico’s; the coordinator of the event explained “We want to involve everyone, not only our culture, but others to celebrate our wonderful multicultural community”. First to perform were classes of The Love of China School of Dance that unfortunately I did not get to see. Secondly came out a class of Chinese performances from UT. They danced with real length, plastic, sword that the Chinese fought with in ancient times. They moved along with the sword in every slow, swift, and gentle movements of their dance. The dance itself appeared as if they were teaching of how to use the sword in battle. Next were multi performances from Baile Folklorico, with their colorful dresses and joyful dances. Shortly after finishing the Indian dancers were presented in their very traditional clothing, they performed two beautiful dances that they explained are used to worship their God. All the dance performances were beautiful, each was unique with their own culture and ways of dancing; some were enthusiastic, while others were calm and soft and the crowd received and departed each and one of them with applause. All the different cultures were introduced by a person that was as well part of the culture and would give a small history background and explain any behind the dance if there was any. This multi-cultural experience was emphasized even more at the sides of room where there was stands selling souvenirs from each culture. It ranged from clothing, to accessories, to food, and finally to small things such as bookmarks. The Asian Month Festival has been celebrated since 1979 in the United States, after the Congress had passed a

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