Mad Hot Ballroom

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Mad Hot Ballroom 6,000 kids, 60 schools, 10 weeks, 1 place, one chance for a school to win. In Mad Hot Ballroom 10-11 year old boys and girls compete in a ballroom dancing competition. It varies from different types of dances ranging from the merengue to the rumba to tango. All of them try their hardest to come out on top but there’s only one spot to win. Kids from both queens and Brooklyn compete, but it’s not just a competition to them it’s a way to keep them busy and out of trouble. A lot of these children live in a lower class neighborhood and they can’t afford other extra curricular activities in which this dance class is free. But the kids seem to really enjoy it, they call it fun. Even though it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. But this movie isn’t just about a dance competition, it’s about life. It’s about these children coming out from their shell and turning into little adults. Learning how to interact with the opposite sex and get comfortable. This movie isn’t just all about dance it’s about the kid’s thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It kept the reality about everything real, no sugar coating anything. There was a lot of humor and modesty. The kids gave their own real opinion of the competition as well as their opinion of life and their surroundings. Such as, how kids would grow up if their parents were divorced, or if the parents didn’t care the kids would be out doing drugs and that is something they don’t want to do. From my opinion this movie over a whole was great. Real reactions to real situation’s. It kept me interested with the kid’s witty banter towards their dance class as well as everything around them. To some people dance is just a hobby but to some of these kids it’s their dream to become a famous dancer, they would prefer this for their career when they grow up. Honestly my favorite part of the documentary would be when

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