Grupo Folklorico Tabasco

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Grupo “Folklorico Tabasco” is from La Joya, It is a high school folklorico group. La Joya is known for their folklorico group on Sunday they opened with an Maya dance. They had some things that rattled wrapped around their ankles so that every time their legs move there was a sound that was made. It went with the music. It added emphasis to the music; it was used as reinforcement. There were parts where the female dancers would take the stage. They did very pretty formations. The music stopped for couple of 8 counts and during this time the dancers were still dancing, but all you would be able to hear was the sounds of the rattles on their legs. It made the music to which they were dancing, the music sounded so peaceful but at the same time it really went with the music that had been playing. The music faded back in and it was like if the music had always been there because there was always the constant movement of the legs, so always the constant sound of the rattles. Then the men, took the stage. I had noticed earlier that the men were wearing a piece of what looked like wood, wrapped around their thighs. When they took the stage, they all lined up, and…show more content…
The people show homage to Mexico’s patron saint with La Danza de Xochioitzahautl that involves everyone dancing and carrying ribbons. Throughout the dance, the females held a ribbon in their hands. Then the females and the males got together and the males got the ribbons and with the help of the females they got the ribbons and started to mix them together. Without skipping a beat and dancing to the rhythm of the music they built a white star with the ribbons and with green and red around it. It looked so beautiful. They moved back to their original formation without getting the ribbons tangles and throughout the whole dance, they kept on making things out of the ribbons and never did they get tangles. It went so perfectly well with the

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