Art History: Comparison Of The 3 David's Essay

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Discuss these three statues representing the biblical hero David. In what specific ways are they similar, and in what specific ways did the artists approach the theme differently. Be sure to consider the moment in the story represented, iconographical elements and stylistic approach. Throughout history, many artists have created many statue versions of the biblical hero, David. 1. SIMILARITIES: a. All depict David, of course. b. All sculptures. c. All shown as strong, composed. Can feel his power. 2. DONATELLO: a. Depict David after his triumph over Goliath b. Medium: Bronze c. Symbol of Florentine strength and independence d. First nude statue since ancient times- reinvented classical nude e. Relaxed, contrapposto stance and proportions and sensuous beauty of Greek Gods f. Goliath at his feet; sword in hand on hip g. Softened skin opposed/set off by detailed feather on thigh, and rougher looking hat and curls. 3. MICHELANGELO: a. Depict D. before his encounter with the giant b. Symbol of Florentine independence c. Turn head to left, sternly watching his opponent approach him d. Body is tense with gathering power from the battle to come. e. Anatomy: Rugged torso, sturdy limbs, large hands and feet (sign of strength to come), tightening muscles f. No longer self-contained but rather causes viewer to follow view and see what he sees. g. Physically and emotionally connected to opponent he is staring down. h. No idealized beauty but rather towering, pent up emotion; still perfectly beautiful i. Lifelike qualities: veins in arms/hands as they wrap around the rock in his hand, details in the toenails, etc. j. One hand bigger than other, makes rock in hand more prominent/stand out. 4. BERNINI: a. Represents battle itself b. Chose moment with maximum action c. Muscular legs widely and firmly planted, the violent, pivoting motion that will

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