Compare And Contrast The Roman Empire And Alexander The Great

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Early Roman Empire Vs Alexander the Great At its height the Roman Empire covered over two million square miles, about one fourth of the current United States. The Roman Empire began in the year 330 BC and died out in 1453 AD. Its start was only 7 years before the fall and death of Alexander the Great. Because of the success of Alexander the Great there is no doubt that the Romans took notice of what he did as they plotted their expansion. The Romans derived many of their military tactics from Alexander the Great, but they also incorporated military tactics that were different from Alexander the Great’s strategy. Alexander and the Romans each used their navies differently. The Roman Navy was considered to be the most prestigious and powerful branch of its military. The Romans navy patrolled the Mediterranean Sea combating pirates and other naval enemies that would harm Roman ships. They also used their navy to supply and transport their troops into other parts of the Mediterranean region. (Goldsworthy, The Complete Roman Army, 114). Alexander’s conquest spread throughout the Mediterranean Region, he had complete control of the sea and its ports. Alexander needed his navy so his enemies could not use theirs. He blockaded their ports to cut off trade and supply.…show more content…
Alexander’s men had long spears. The long spears were key for the phalanx formation. Alexander adopted the original phalanx which fought with swords. The spears provided more damage and had longer range. (Fisher, Alexander the Great; Seize the Night). The Romans also had the lighter armed soldiers in the back. They did not need the strong armor in the back because they were not constantly attacked by the opposing soldiers. They also put the less strong soldiers in front because it was where people were in more danger in the phalanx formation. The Romans continued to use this formation, but Alexander’s was much stronger. (The Roman

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