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Integrity, and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP), are engrained into every soldier. It is not just another Army acronym; it is the true north of every Soldier’s moral compass. They are not just guidelines to abide by while in uniform, they are rules we must follow both on and off duty. Regardless of the situation, the Army Values are key words to live by. The Army Values cannot be practiced independently of one another. All Values must be utilized together as a whole. Missing one Value would nullify the rest. Living up to the Army Values each day is what keeps the Army moving forward. Without Soldiers applying “LDRSHIP” to their work and personal life the Army would screech to a halt. Does every From the day we enter basic training the seven Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Soldier live up to these values? Unfortunately no, when all of the Values are applied you have ‘leadership’; and every leader in the Army has these values. All leaders have the ability to instill the Army Values in a Soldier. An interesting point about the Army Values is that none of them are physical traits. Everyone, big or small, strong or weak, slow or fast can fully live up to each value. Something that is not mentioned in the Army Values is doing your absolute best. The flaw of the seven values is that it does not require Soldiers to perform at their peak or require excellence. Soldiers can live up to all values and only maintain minimum standards or work to the minimum of their ability. The downfall of the Army Values is that it does not require soldiers to strive to be their best and push their boundaries. I propose an ‘E’ to be added to the Army Values making the acronym ‘LDERSHIP’ the ‘E’ standing for excel or excellence. Adding the ‘E’ would compel Soldiers to excel and strive for excellence in all of the existing Army Values as well as in the

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