Arguments Against Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing The efficiency of standardized testing has been a much debated topic in the realms of Texas education. While it has been argued that standardized testing provides a fair and objective measurement of student achievement, evidence proves that the tests can be unreliable, discriminatory, and ineffective. The universal nature of the tests are designed to set a general standard for all students, however, this general standard is difficult to apply, considering that students come from varied backgrounds and skill levels. A change in this system should be considered in order to ensure the maximum quality of our education program. One reason why standardized testing should be reconsidered is that they have not improved overall student achievement. After the “No Child Left Behind” program passed in 2002, the US slipped from 18th in the world in math…show more content…
Students with diverse backgrounds and skill levels are expected to answer questions written for the white, abled majority. English language learners have to take tests in English before they have mastered the language, and special education students take the same tests as other children, receiving few of the accommodations usually provided to them as part of their individualized education plans. These factors demonstrate how you can’t design one test to fit the needs of all students. While it is nice to believe that we can administer one all- encompassing test that accurately quantifies a student’s knowledge, it is unrealistic. We can’t issue the same test to everyone, simply because everyone is not the same. Until a new system is enacted in which a student becomes more than just a pass or fail, teachers and students will continue to suffer the consequences of the short comings of standardized testing. Citations "Standardized Tests." Standardized Tests. 13 Mar. 2012. Web. 05 Apr. 2012.

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