Ftt4 Task 2

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A. Define at least two formal (conventional) assessment types. 1. Describe at least two advantages of each formal (conventional) assessment type identified. 2. Describe at least two disadvantages of each formal (conventional) assessment type identified. Standardized Achievement Test: Developed to measure skills learned in a specific grade level. Tests are usually timed and created through the district. All tests are the same for every grade level in different schools. One advantage of standardized achievenment testing is that teachers and students are held responsible for teaching students what they are required to know for the tests. These tests become public record and any teachers or schools who don’t perform well could be criticized by the community. Schools who do not perform well could be closed down which could lead to jobs being lost. Another advantage is that students from various schools and districts across the state can all be compared. All students in the same state are required to take the same tests which helps to compare students of the same grades across the board. There are also many disadvantages of standardized achievement testing. This type of testing evaluates a student’s performance on one particular day and not over a longer stretch of time. Student’s may have an “off” day and not perform their best possible. Another con I that this testing causes many teachers to only teach what they know will be on the tests. This can lead to boring classrooms that lack creativeness because teachers are worried about what to teach instead of how to teach it. (ProCon 2014) Standardized Aptitude Test: a standardized test created to predict an individual’s ability to learn certain skills. One advantage of a standardized aptitude test would be that it compares students from different areas. It is a way to see where the student’s strengths
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