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Zachary Hawk Period 8 Beowolf Essay “He is innocent your honor” I screamed from the stand. I have been a lawyer for fifteen years now and I know for a fact that Grendel is Innocent and should not be convicted for his actions. People believe that Mr. Beowolf is a hero, well not so fast because I have some reasoning against that. I am testifying that Beowolf Interrupted Grendel, by disturbing the peace, being heavily intoxicated, and also I would like to charge him with first degree murder. Grendel lives in a cave far, far away your honor; he did that purposely to get away from all of the noise and crazy activity that goes on down in the town. The Mead Hall gets very crazy at nights and this one particular night when everything happened…show more content…
So out of controls that it makes them make bad decisions and choices such as the murder of Grendel. When Grendel came to the Mead Hall to kindly ask them to be quiet so he can go back to sleep; but unfortunately the men at the Mead Hall judged him on his looks and they started to attack him. That’s when Grendel had to use his right of self-defense and that was the reason he killed all of the men. Lastly your honor, Beowolf has committed first-degree murder which states that he had intentions of murder and that is exactly what Beowolf was set out to do. Beowolf ripped of both of Grendel’s arms, brought them to Herot and then let Grendel die back at his home. People might think that this is justice your honor, but really it is murder and there something should be done about this. Beowolf should be locked up for committing these crimes. I believe if he wasn’t considered a hero to others than he would have been thrown in jail in a heartbeat; but no everyone believes that what Beowolf did was the right thing. I hope that I did my best your honor with showing you that Grendel was just an innocent person and that Beowolf is the person to
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