Five Spelunkers Argumentative Essay

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Whilst out on a spelunking expedition a group of five spelunkers entered into a cavern and when inside, a landslide caused the only entrance known by the spelunkers to become impassable. A rescue mission was initiated soon after. On the twentieth day of the mission it was deciphered during first radio contact that by the time they were rescued they would probably all die of hunger unless the flesh of one of the group was consumed. After drawing lots Roger Whetmore was killed and eaten by the rest of the group. After being rescued the group were sentenced to hanging for murdering Roger pending appeal. Having read all of the arguments give, I find the arguments of the judges Foster, J. and Handy, J. are the most convincing to me of all the arguments put forward. I have decided I would overturn the conviction. In the argument of Foster, J., a good point is made, this is that the spelunkers were completely remote from the commonwealth and that they were therefore living outside a ‘state of civil society’ and instead in a ‘state of nature’ therefore they were living outside the state that the laws were intended for.…show more content…
Surely the sacrifice of one person, (who had initially come up with the idea of drawing lots to see who would be killed and eaten), is better than the almost certain death of all five men, as it was very likely the man who was killed would have subsequently died along with the other four a few days later anyway had he not been sacrificed. Although the argument made by Foster J. is one 1 agree with, a weakness is that it argues with law N.C.S.A. (N.S.) § 12-A ‘whoever shall wilfully take the life of another shall be punished by death.’ Surely though, this law is to prevent the loss of lives, whereas the actions committed by the men were actually preventing the loss of many lives with just

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