Pros And Cons Of Hammurabi Laws

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3 Hammurabi Laws: 1. My American Translation. 2. If I think the law is good or bad. 3. Could we or couldn’t we use these laws today. 1. If anyone ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but if he cannot prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death. American Translation– This law means if you blame someone for a crime you have to arrest them, if you can’t prove they committed the crime, you will be executed. I think this law is bad because it’s wrong, If you blame someone for something and you really think they did it arrest them, yes, but if you can’t prove they committed the crime or have no evidence that they did it then set them free and try to find more evidence that the first person committed the crime, there’s no need to put a person to death because they can’t prove that someone…show more content…
I think this law is somewhat ok, maybe not the execution part, I do think a thief should pay for what they stole or give it back or if they don’t do either of those 2 things they should go to prison, I don’t think the person should be executed for that particular crime, so to me this law is somewhat good somewhat bad. I think this law could be used today in a way, like say if someone steals something from someone and the police catch them, they can give them 3 choices, 1. Pay the person you stole from the value of what you stole, 2. Give the object back, Or 3. Go to prison, I do not think that a person should be killed for stealing though thats a little too harsh for this particular
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