An Argument for Mobile Phones

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Introduction I am writing as a very strong believer in that mobile phones should not be aloud to only over 16 year olds and once I have finished writing I hope you think this two. Can Phones Save Children’s Lives?? I personally think that mobile phones could save teenager’s lives. Just imagine if you were walking down the road all alone. Suddenly the young girl trips and hurts her leg. She is in pain and doesn’t know what to do, she has no phone to call for help and she is by herself. She gets up and scrambles towards a pay phone, and then realises that she has no coins so has to carry on scrambling all the way home. Know do you see what I mean by mobiles being useful in emergences? The Independency As a child grows up it starts to become a person of its one. Some people become posh, some drinkers and drug addicts and some gamblers but some just want to be a (kind of person with a) mobile phone users. If people have a problem with a child just becoming independent they should not be aloud any freedom themselves to see how it feels. Communication Everybody in the world should be aloud some sort of communication and most people use mobiles as there form of communication. Children are aloud to use communication too, so they should be aloud to use a mobile too. Children need to learn to communicate more so if you give them a mobile phone then that would encourage them to communicate. Over All So now I think I have proved my point that mobile phones are needed to children over the age of 10 and not younger (as they would not be alone). I hope that I have changed you opinion
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