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Are We Too Dependant On Computers Essay

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Henry F. Stoddard III
Prof. Clarke
College Writing II
February 7, 2011
Are we too dependent on computers?
Many people would say that when computers came about the 20th century, it was the way of the future. It was said that we would be able to do more exciting things with computers than with the regular non-technical man made inventions. This topic brings up many questions that I will speak about. I will speak about why humans are highly dependent on computers and why computers have almost a complete control on today’s population around the globe.
Since computers came around scientists have been using them to help in the aid of solving many mathematical problems and also using them to save data. As time passed by computers were becoming new technology to the military and the military was using the computers to speak to other personnel in other cities, states and countries. This system of computers later became what is now called the internet. Despite the many benefits of computers, there are also a number of arguments against them, one of which is the negative effect some believe they are having on children's education. Illiteracy is a growing issue, and many say that computers are to blame. In the past few years, many teachers have taken to shuffling their students off to a computer to type out short, quick assignments that could easily be written out by hand. While this isn't much of an issue for older students, it is an issue for the younger students who are just learning to read and write. Regardless of how much we're coming to rely on computers, printing and handwriting are a necessary skill to have.
Another case against computers crops up when a person's interest in computers goes too far and becomes an obsession. Like a friend of mine who is always on the computer. No matter what time of day I call him, he will always say he is sitting at his computer. Computers make our lives easier and give us new ways to learn about the things we're interested...

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