Are Attractive People More Successful?

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Running head: ARE ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE MORE SUCCESSFUL Are Attractive People More Successful, Or Are They Just Another Pretty Face? Elli Hill Eaglecrest High School Freakanomics and Outliers Research Paper AP Language and Composition As children, we were all taught valuable lessons to keep close as life goes on. We learned them from our family, the cartoons that were on the television every morning, and even from self experiences where our little brains didn’t know any better at the time. Though, most of what I learned came from the story books that piled up next to my bunk bed. The pile consisted of fairy tales, comics, Disney stories, the usual content read by a 6-year-old; despite each book having different settings and characters, they all had the same storyline: there’s a heroine, and soon enough becomes a damsel in distress once they’re taken away by the malicious villain. But low and behold, a valiant hero comes to the rescue, defeats the evil doer, and saves the female. Now, one of the lessons that is instilled in our minds as children is the idea that hard work and perseverance will ultimately lead to success; this idea is repeated all throughout our lives, such as our education and careers. Out of all the lessons I was taught, that one I knew quite well. No, it wasn’t because I would get lectured in my kindergarten class for hurrying through my handwriting exercises so I could ride in the Barbie Jeep at recess first, and then have to do the exercises again until every single one of my upper case Ws were perfect. The reason why I was so aware of the factors of success was because in every single one of my story books, the hero’s intentions were the same; to earn the heroine’s love, the hero would build up his courage, travel across for miles, and never give up. He eventually found her, would

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