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09/14/12 Essay N1. Analyze the cultural and economical responses of two of the fallowing groups to the Indians Americans. (British and French) Sometime after Columbus discovery in 1492, European colonies settle in America starting with the French that were located it in Missipi, along with the British in the East Coast. After this happens the live of native Americans change a lot. In 1750 the French were mutually equal in terms of economy, they also where very friendly in cultural matter, in terms of religion they encourage Indians to join Catholicism . In the other side British economically oppressed the Native Americans and they did not worry that much about religion. French acted with no oppression in terms of religion and they also responded with mutual beneficial ideas in terms of economy. French were also engaged in the beaver trading business therefore they recruited American Indians for trade, the trade with gods that were very valuable for native Americans like knives, beads and soon guns. Indirectly and without knowing they grew up native Americans economy . Befriends with the Indians and develop good relation mainly because they were the least in number. After colonies moved western in search for more land and they met with American Indian was when the Anglo Indian war started. Virginia company ordered perpetual war. A new unfair fur trade was established . American Indians experienced unfair prices offered BY British traders. After that, native Americans were in the way of the south colonies. After Carolinas tuned up and raided Native American villages many Indians were sold to slavery. Most tribes were destroyed in
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