Apple Iwatch Marketing Objectives Essay

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Apple Watch Marketing & Product Objectives December 1, 2014 5 Ways The Apple Watch Changes Marketing First, let’s run down some quick facts about the new smartwatch: 1. It’s not called the iWatch, it’s called the Apple Watch. 2. If you want the Apple Watch to work, you’ll need a fairly new iPhone (5, 5c, 5s, or 6); and that iPhone must be nearby. 3. There are three versions of the watch. The basic version, which starts at $350, is simply called the Apple Watch. The Apple Sport comes in two sizes and is 30% lighter than the base model. Finally, we have the 18-karat gold version called the Apple Edition. Prices for the Apple Sport and Apple Edition are not yet available. 4. All models have built-in sensors that measure things like heart rate, running distance, and overall heart health. 5. NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for wireless payments via Apple Pay, Apple’s wireless payment system. 6. The Apple Watch will be available early 2015. Now that you have a basic understanding of the new devices, let’s talk about the five ways the new Apple Watch will change the way you market your product or service… 1. Apps Procurement teams should get ready to review proposals from developers eager to build new Apple Watch apps. That means that in the next six months, marketers will need to figure out how to not only market their iPhone and Android apps, but how to get users to download their smartwatch apps as well. It will be tempting for developers to try and port existing phone apps to the watch, but they must be careful. Although the Apple Watch has new functionality (NFC, health sensors, etc.) it also has limitations (tiny screen, no camera and no keyboard). The watch requires an iPhone to be nearby in order to work, so marketers should look to extend their mobile apps to the watch; the phone can be used for displaying video,

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