Anthem Themes Essay

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In order to accept a life of obedience, drudgery, and fear, the people of Equality 7-2521’s society follow ideas of Collectivism, Altruism, and Conformity which eliminate the thought of opposition to the leaders, also known as the World Council. Collectivism creates a tie between man and a group of people comparable to Anthem. Altruism creates a feeling opposite of individualism also similar to Anthem, where the people do not have their own thoughts or even have the knowledge of whether they could ever choose Transgression of Preference. Conformity is one of the key aspects of life in Equality’s society which the members of the World Council depend on and one reason why the people do not oppose anything they say. As a result, the people of Anthem’s society live a life whose purpose is not for them individually or for their own self-interest, but for the sake of the World Council and their “brothers.” Instead of living by one’s own mind, society as a whole in Anthem follows a strict policy of Collectivism for the sake of “the common good.” In addition to forcing occupations on the people, the World Council keeps a strong hold of everyone’s daily schedule so that their future plans can not be affected in any way. For example, during the day, the people of the same occupation work together, live together, and attend and return from social recreation together in a single line. Also, the World Council assigns jobs that people do not deserve so that they can control society directly. For example, Equality did not deserve a job as a street sweeper, but because of his physical differences from everyone else, his disobedience of Altruism, and the chance he would rebel against the current society, the World Council appointed Equality a job where he would not have the chance to speak out like the scholars do. In accordance with the rules, the people of the society work

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