Thomas More "Utopia" Essay

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In Thomas More’s “Utopia”, More’s friend and philosopher, Raphael Hythloday, spent five years of his life on the island called Utopia. Raphael explains to his friend the major differences in government plus the all around way of life of the Utopians compared to that of England, where More lives, as well as other structured societies. According to Raphael, this Utopian way of life is the most ideal and perfect government he has ever witnessed. More wishes Raphael to share his intellect and knowledge of his findings of Utopia to kings around, hoping in turn to make kingdoms more successful and happier places to live than they were at the time. Raphael refutes that there is high risk in giving the information he has to other kings due to the fact that kings prefer to maintain their superior image, which would be damaged should they listen to a man of lower social status. “Utopia” highlights certain characteristics that separate the island from modern government and make it an ideal way of life, yet there are points that could be argued by other philosophers to make this false. Therefore, More portrays an impractical outline that could never be achieved. Utopia has an abundance of characteristics that describes its government and society that make it the most ideal and perfect way of life. According to Raphael, not one person in the Utopian society puts themselves before others. Although the people elect officials, even they do not think more highly of themselves or act in a way to make others feel less important. Each person is just as important to another, just like Utopia is to an individual. Everyone, at some point before adulthood, learns a trade they will work for the rest of their lives or until they can no longer work. All these trades benefit each other, and the reason being is that there is a set amount of time that a person must work each day and if they

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