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Annotated Bibliography 1 Gray, Charlotte. “Legalize use of marijuana for medical purposes, MDs and patients plead.” CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal 158.3 (1998): 373-375. Web. 21 Oct. 2010. In this article, the author Charlotte Gray mentions that there is continuing debate about the legalization of marijuana for medical purpose in Canada. Gray emphatically describes that the Ottawa family physician Don Kilby is trying his best to help terminally ill patients to relieve their pain from illness by using marijuana. However, the marijuana cannot be took out of the Criminal Code because the lack of the legal supply of marijuana to meet the patients’ requirements. Thus, Don is still working hard on it in order to legalize the marijuana for medical purpose. The author Gray cites some real instances about legalizing use of marijuana for medical purpose, such as the physician Don Kilby; however, her main project seems to encourage people to agree with this idea. This article is relevant because the author explain the perspective based on some real examples. Those real examples that are included in this article can help me to illustrate my topic more authentic and sufficient. Especially the real instance of Physician Don Kilby, it can help people to understand the necessity of legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purpose. Thereby, an increasing number people would in favor of this opinion finally. The real instances in this article can help me to enforce my argument that is the marijuana should be legalized for medical

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