Narcotic Abuse: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Faith Howlin English 111 F02 Ms. Deborah Burdin October 12, 2011 Annotated Bibliography Zwanger, M. (2009, August 4). Narcotics Abuse. E Medicine Health. Retrieved from In this article it shows various narcotics drugs names and how people can get addicted to them. Along with narcotics names it also has statistics about drugs and prescription drug related deaths. The medical doctor that wrote this article lists symptoms of dependence of opioids as well as dependence of opioids as well has potential harms of ingesting too many other drugs that are also in narcotics. This article is a factual article written by a licensed medical doctor and then edited by…show more content…
It also discusses the types of opioids like synthetic opioids and semi- synthetic opioids. This article explains where opium came from and how it was used and abused way before they used it to make modern day pain pills. They also go over the legal history of opioids up to how we got to where we are today. This article is a factual document written by a medical doctor about opium. This research offers people information on how we got to where we are today gives an insight to what we could have done to change or prevent to the problems that we are dealing with in modern day. This article is strictly informative and Dr. Preda explains how opioids can be abused and goes into depth about opioids in general. This article can be very helpful to students doing research on opioids like me, but it can also be helpful to other doctors or anyone who is interested in learning anything about opioids. This article is extremely long and very detailed about specifically opium. It could be amazingly valued by mothers who are wanting to know more about the prescription drug craze. Mayo Clinic Staff (2010, June 25). Prescription Overview [Summary on Abuse]. Retrieved from…show more content…
Phd & Galloway, G., PharmD (2011 September, 26) Sober living house for drug &alcohol dependence. Counselor 12(5). Retrieved from This article explains how important sober living is. When you looking for half way houses and such it’s very important to know what to look for and in this article they help you do that. One of the most important things of staying sober is who you surround yourself with and this article beyond helps with that point. This magazine article had a lot of authors and they all had an imput in this article. They blended tons of information together to create one article about how to keep on the right track with the houses you live in There were a lot of authors on this magazine and they authors did a good job for all of the houses they did research on and the tests that they did it came together as if one person wrote it. The author’s step by step instructions can clearly help recovering

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