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“Little India” in Anita Rau’s Toturpuram In a dusty seaside of Torturpuram on the Bay of Bengal, the modern world have become a burden on Sripathi Rao, the protagonist of Anita Rau Badami’s novel “The Hero’s Walk”, centering whom a typical Indian culture has been represented. In the novel the author reflects a regular Indian life. The story takes place in a seaside town of Toturpuram on the Bay of Bengal. Sripathi Rao lives with his wife, Nirmala, his sister, Putti, his mother, Ammaya, and his only son, Arun. He has a daughter named Maya, but he banishes Maya from his life and has not talked to her for nine years. Cultural values are so important that Sripathi chooses his values and norms over his own daughter, Maya. These cultural values, the social life and other problems in the book will be compared to the real life situations. Although there are several problems that Indian people face, they are rich in their cultural values, rituals and social customs. For people in India, their culture is the most important thing in their life. This culture is also the most diverse culture. In their culture, they perform different kinds of festivals. The festivals are performed to decorate yourself and your surroundings and pray to God for their purity and peace. “India is known as the ‘land of festivals’. And has its own importance behind its celebration.” (History and Importance of Diwali in India by Rahul D.), Indian people also perform several rituals, starting from the very moment of their birth till their death. One of the most important rituals is performed after the death to give the peace to the souls. On an article, while describing several rituals of Indian culture, the writer describes, “For most Hindus, cremation is the ideal method for dealing with the dead, ……… After cremation, ashes and fragments of bones are collected and eventually immersed in a holy river.”

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