Burial In Ancient Maya

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Did you know that a normal burial in ancient Maya was very similar to a normal burial today? The Mayan people were a people of religious beliefs, and the rituals that they were accustomed to really weren’t much different than what you might see today, just with a little Mayan “twist” to it. The same basic layout we use today was used for their dead, in other words, the person dies, a funeral is arranged, and then the deceased is buried. The Mayan people had strong religious beliefs, so strong that they were willing to kill and be killed for them, but after a while, they realized they preferred killing others for their gods instead of themselves being killed. Their gods were very angry and violent gods, which required blood. To appease the…show more content…
In the book, Mary Roach explains how bodies of the deceased are used for many different things, most scientific. Things like body decomposition is studied which could be used in an autopsy or to help know exactly when someone died. Body parts are studied to learn human anatomy and to help train those to going into a surgical field. All of these things and more are discussed in the book Stiff, and are explained with, sometimes gruesome detail. In Ancient Mayan civilizations, it’s seen that the differences between burial practices then and there really weren’t much different than ones we see nowadays. I just find it really interesting that their customs for the dead were so similar to what we see in America today. In Stiff, Mary Roach tells of many ways dead bodies are used to advance knowledge of science and how the human body works. She also talks about many normal ways for a body to be eternally laid to rest. Two of the more common ways she discusses is burial and cremation, which happen to be the two ways Mayans would commonly use. The practice I chose to evaluate on is the normal burial, but cremation was also common among the great nobles, and funerary temples were placed above their urns. It really just amazes me that way back in the times of the ancient Mayan civilizations, the Mayans used the two most common ways in America to eternally lay to rest the bodies of those who

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