Animals Are Not Equal to Human

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Animal liberation can also refers to as animal rights, it advocates that human being should treat nonhuman animals in a human way and provide them more consideration. Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher who is the W. DeCamp professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and a leader of animal liberation movement. In his essay “Animal Liberation”, which as a review article of Animals, Men and Morals originally published in the New York Review of Book. Singer widely considers animal rights and animal welfare in “Animal Liberation”. Singer argues animal rights issue in three different aspects including moral equity, cruel experiment and inhuman factory farming; however, from a scientific perspective, these three arguments are not solid. Singer claims that although human and nonhuman are not equal in factual level, they are equal in moral level. Singe using analogy compare animal liberation with black, women and gay liberation to prove that animals are entitled to have their own rights. However, even in the moral level, animals cannot equal to human. In human society, consanguineous marriage is forbidden. We regard sexual intercourse between relatives as a deformity behavior, and we using incest to define this abnormal relationship, Moreover, incest taboo is a common moral taboo in human societies. In fact, English word incest is originally derived from Latin word incestus, which means impure and unchaste. In terms of this issue, animal society lack moral rules regulating sexual behavior. Animals’ sex drive and sexual behavior are directly related to hormones, and incest is commonly happened in animal society. So, animals cannot equal to human, even though in moral level. On the other hand, in our human society, people against betray in relationship or marriage, yet this moral standard is not valid in animal society. A leader a group, a male leader can have many
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