Animal Speech: Use Of Animals In Circuses

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Animal Acts Speech Hello fellow class mates and peers. Today I stand upon you to present a mentally torturing topic of Animal Circuses. Everyone likes to watch circuses and see animals perform amazing tricks. Animals are gifts from god and we should treat them with the respect that they deserve. Despite the fact that they are tested upon for the benefits of humans, we also use them as sources of entertainment. Wild animal acts may appear to be exciting, innocent fun, but behind that happy façade is a world of desolation and misery. Big cats, bears and other wild animals in the circus spend their lives in tiny, barren transport cages called “beast wagons”, that provide only a few square meters of living space. The animals eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in these rolling boxes, which in most circuses are only 1.5 meter wide, except for the few minutes each day when they are required to perform.…show more content…
I mean that they should ban the use of animals in circuses internationally. This would cause less torture and suffering of the animals and fewer animals would have a chance of being endangered. Animals should not be kept in circuses because they are tortured and forcefully used as toys for our entertainment. By doing this we are not mutilating animals but we are also endangering them. Some performances which may seem extraordinary to us are actually done by beating the animals to get them to do the act. These acts are sometimes extremely dangerous. A such act would be monkey’s juggling sticks lit on fire while riding a unicycle. In some parts of China that really favor these circus acts, tourists are allowed to pay money to see live cattle being dumped out of a small van and get chased by 5 or more tigers and eventually get

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