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Landon Todd September 4, 2007 Intermediate Writing 2010 Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation essay Rhetorical Effectiveness of Kim Jeffery Kim Jeffery’s article, “The bottled water industry is getting a bad rap“, is taking the position of bottled water distribution being very beneficial in many ways. Bans on bottled water in areas have been proposed, and Kim Jeffery explains with facts and statistics in his article why bottled water is not a problem. He gives reasons for the important uses of bottled water, and defends his own company’s production of bottled water. The context of issues for this article seem to be a range of environmental issues that have been going on for some time now. These days people have been very caught up in how societies disposal of fuels and waste products have effected the environment. This has led to certain products of our manufacturers to be examined and looked at for change. Kim Jeffery is the president and CEO of Nestle Waters North American Inc. He and others within the bottled water industry are feeling pressure from critics accusing bottled water plastics adding too much bulk to landfills, and a large quantity of energy is being used to transport them. Since Jeffery is a CEO of a water company, the position he takes on this debate is very clear that he is not for a ban on bottled water. The article is very slanted for the side of the bottled water industry, but the article also respects and understands the opposing sides concern by advocating for recycling plans. Kim Jeffery also does not slam, use slang, stereotype, or use a angry tone in his writing. Instead Jeffery keeps his message more professional and positive to help resolve the issue at hand. Jeffery has been in the business of bottled water industry for thirty years. This leads me to believe that he is very knowledgeable on bottled water and the

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