Analyze of Mr. Trosack's Case Study and Discharge Plan

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Contemporary Nursing Issues 742.2.4-01-07 Analyze of Mr. Trosack’s Case Study and Discharge Plan Michelle Branham Western Governors University Abstract Assessing the given situation, Mr. Trosack’s, case study there are three pressing healthcare issues the case manager must address when working with an interdisciplinary team. The case manager and the interdisciplinary team work together to determine Mr. Trosack’s discharge plan. Three healthcare issues identified are his fall risk, his potential for depression and poly pharmacy issues. These healthcare issues need to be addressed with the appropriate interdisciplinary team members and their roles utilized to formulate the discharge plan. Mr. Trosack’s family interview will assess their ability to provide adequate care if he is discharged home. Social isolation is a real concern for Mr. Trosack it may lead to depression therefore, affecting his recovery. Members of the interdisciplinary team would are the nurse taking care of Mr. Trosack in the acute care setting, a physical therapist, a pharmacist, and the home care coordinator. The safety assessment helps analysis and determines the discharge plan and placement. After gathering all the needed information a recommendation of discharge placement will to be made. Healthcare Issues Three healthcare issues identified in the case study are fall risk, depression and poly pharmacy. The case manager works with an interdisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate discharge placement for Mr. Trosack. Fall risk needs to be assessed since Mr. Trosack will be ambulating with the assistance of a walker; his apartment is on the second floor and no elevator available. Mr. Trosack was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes and will be discharged home with new medications. These medications need to be taken on a regular basis. Also he will be sent home with

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