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In this assessment I am going to plan a care pathway for each physiological disorder including the roles of relevant practitioners. What is a care pathway? A care pathway is when different professionals come together to design a report that meets the needs of the service users over a particular period of time. Assessment of needs Assessment of needs is when health care professionals identify problem within care needs of the service users by assessing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. The assessment of needs forms the background or starting point for further assessments against which improvements are compared. The assessment of needs is therefore the starting point for any decisions on care strategies. Assessment of needs in Asthma Physical: when my individual’s situation had worsened due to severe asthma attacks, her parents took her to the hospital. The doctor gave her a mobilizer which helps oxygen to pass through her blood in order to relax her. To prevent future attacks and to control them the doctor taught my individual’s parents how to do first aid such as helping the person to sit upright and loosening tight clothes and ensuring that the medication is taken during an asthma attack because it helps the service user to breathe better. The medication that helps prevent an asthma attack is inhaler which has to be taken on a regular basis. In the situation of an acute asthma attack, an asthmatic additionally has to use Beta-2 agonists. This beta 2 agonists helps her to pass oxygen through her lungs. The doctor can provide brown inhaler to my individual as it’s another method that helps to prevent asthma attack from worsening. Another way the condition can be improved is the doctor teaching my individual relaxation methods such as exercise which can help my individual to not stress or panic during an asthma attack because it

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