Case Study: Nurse Discharge Planner

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Healthcare Issues As the discharge planner for Mr. Trosack, I will need to address several issues before I can safely send him home. He has had several new diagnoses while in the hospital for a fractured hip, and the hip fracture will be the first issue I will address. He will not have the mobility he had before his fall and even though he wants to be independent, he will continue to have issues at home that needs to be addressed. Second, he has been diagnosed with diabetes, and he is in denial about this. He and his family feel that he will be able to control his blood sugar level with diet alone. He owns and works in a bakery, a major culprit for diabetics on a carb control diet. Finally, he has been diagnosed with hypertension and…show more content…
The nurse will arrange for home health visits, and possibly skilled nursing care for the patient before he leaves. Physical therapy is responsible for getting the patient back up on his feet within 24 hours of his surgery. They will determine his need for a walker or another assistive device at home such as a wheelchair. They will organize an ongoing plan of care for the patient to receive physical therapy once he leaves the hospital. Occupational therapy will identify specific needs and items that will help with activities of daily living. Perhaps he needs a rail attached to the wall of his bathtub. Or a single step stool that will help him in the kitchen. Food and nutrition can teach him what foods to eat and how to prepare his food in a diabetic friendly manner. They can show him ways to alter his favorite dishes to have consistent carbohydrates. He needs to be on board with his new diet restrictions and get his blood sugar level under control. Safety…show more content…
The same needs to be done to his refrigerator and cabinets to dispose of expired foods. Scatter rugs are a major tripping hazard inside homes of elderly, especially those that are not secured. Often people who have lived in homes for long periods of time have throw rugs around to cover up stains or high traffic areas. They will need to be removed to help make the home safer for him. Discharge Plan Needs Mr. Trosack will need to have physical therapy to rehabilitate himself after his fall and hip replacement. He will need to be able to negotiate stairs with bags of groceries. He will need to shower and use the bathroom independently. He needs to understand the importance of his new medications and might even need assistance with medication administration. Social Isolation His lack of mobility will affect his social visitation, and he is a widower as is his brother who is also elderly and we don’t know if he will be able to make daily visits. His son and daughter in law also will likely continue to have little contact with him and can’t be counted on to give great emotional and physical support. Often people develop depression when they are isolated and without social

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