Analytical Film Analysis

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Hannah Saunders Ms. Sharbaugh English 10 Honors 15 November 2010 Theme is a prominent role in all forms of entertainment. From films to books, the theme is the backbone providing depth and a new perspective to life. In the films, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Big Fish, theme plays and important role in the film. They both demonstrate a common theme that sometimes living in a dream is better than living in reality. This theme is portrayed through cinematic elements such as lighting, music, and the actors. In the Movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, the actors play an important role in expressing their dislike of living in reality. The four Pevensies, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are tired of being treated like children in the real world. In Narnia, they’re treated like adults, equals if you will. In the first scene, the boys get into a fight because they’re not being treated like they were in Narnia. After the fight as the four children regroup in the train station they express their frustration with how the world is treating them. Once they arrive in Narnia, all of this changes. The people of Narnia respect them and treat them with dignity. When they’re in Narnia, they grow up taking on new personalities and responsibilities. Peter tries to be the great king he once was. Edmond takes on new responsibilities and challenges. Lucy grows up, losing her childhood innocence in order to help win the war. Susan becomes a young woman, experiencing her first love. Narnia helps them grow into who they want to be not who the real world perceives them to be. The music also helps to portray the change in worlds. When the Pevensies are transported back to Narnia the nondiegetic music lifts. The score becomes airy and dreamy as opposed to the dark remorseful music heard when they’re in reality. When they figure out how long they’ve been gone and
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