Analysis: The Iran Contra Affair

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Iran Contra Affair In the mid 80s Reagan was serving as the President of the United States of America for the second time. Being a very tough and enthusiastic person, Reagan swore that he would defeat the Evil Empire by any means necessary. Even though the West and mostly the USA was a very liberal state, and its constitution forbid any relations with terrorists or non liberal countries, during Reagans administration a secret goverment group was made who despite its constitution had relations with Iran, Iran who they detested.It all started with the idea, when in the Reagans administration an idea occured that they could supply the Nicaraguan rebels who were against the communist regime in their country by selling arms to Iran, their enemy and funding the rebels by the money they get from Iran. The US goverment with the help of Israel prime minister Shimon Peres shipped equipment to Iran, when Iran was in the midst of Iran-Iraq war and needed arms from the developed western countries, one of the term f the arms sale was that Iran would aid the united states in releasing hostages. The first arms sell was made on August 20, 1985. The supplies the contras got, helped them to improve their position in Nicaragua, but they became more agressive, killed civilians to show the communist goverment that they…show more content…
It was obvious that by pursuiting the goals, the US government could easily go against constitution, and its people and create a small group of people and a business cell which would have relations with the countries that were Anti-American and
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