Analysis Of Schmalleger's Definition Of Crime

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Schmalleger’s definition of the term social problems is when the person who commits the crime is from a background of poverty, environment and their family background. Schmalleger’s definition of Social responsibility means that if you commit a crime, you are responsible for the consequences. There are many perspectives that support these definitions of Schmalleger’s such as growing up in an area that is impoverished and the justice system is not that strict. I feel that if they had parental guidance at an early age, they are less likely to commit a crime. I have a story of a child whom I had to do attendant care with for one week. He was only 9 years old and was very unruly, he was in many foster homes for one had so many problems with him and could not handle him.…show more content…
I kept this child for 6 days in which he had told me many stories of being at home with mom and dad whom were both alcoholic and poverty stricken. This child had done numerous unruly things and would fly off the handle many times throughout the day. A foster family finally took him in and I would see them periodically from week to week and they would say he was doing good, he needed guidance and someone to listen to him more than anything. When I last seen the foster parents after about 9 months of having the child I was shocked to hear that they no longer had him because he had stabbed one of their other foster children with his pencil. They said he did well at first, but seemed to have some psychological problems that were stemming from his home life. I later learned that he was in another foster home and did the same thing. I did find out that he is now age 18 and is incarcerated in the State Penitentiary until 2014 for assault and battery and burglary. I personally know this boy came from a very dysfunctional family whom had poverty, abuse, addiction and violence in the home and extended families. This was only one of my many experiences I have seen and heard. This is a prime

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