Analysis of Cost of Quality

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Introduction It is no doubt that improving quality is the best one of many ways to enhance customer satisfaction, to reduce manufacturing costs and to increase productivity. Quality cost analysis is based on a variety of quality cost data quality after costing, quality management in accordance with the requirements analysis and comparison, making it a powerful tool for improving the quality of economic efficiency. The total cost including quality analysis, quality cost structure analysis, internal failure costs and external failure cost analysis and other quality cost analysis. Cited by quality cost analysis, we can identify the weak links of the major defects that affect product quality and quality management, provide the basis for the proposed quality improvements. Quality cost analysis can also find the best quality, enabling the lowest total cost of quality, in order to achieve a balance of quality and economy. In a market economy, the quality of competition in the market has already placed the strategic position of business development; companies must seek development with quality, by providing high quality. The amount of products and services, to increase economic efficiency of enterprises, access to long-term competitive advantage. Quality assurance of product quality from the cost analysis of the costs and the cost of expenditure does not meet the quality standards established to pay staff to explore quality with minimal capital investment to achieve maximum economic benefits, which has become an important function of enterprise quality management, but also quality management is an important tool essential. Analysis can bring unexpected benefits for companies engaged in quality costs. Quality costs are gradually formed and developed in the practice of quality management in the enterprise. In 1950s Juran made the concept of " gold mine " of that loss as

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