Analysis Of America's War On Drugs By Rick Steves

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America’s War on Drugs, Not Working Rick Steves essay “Europe: Not “Hard on Drugs” or “Soft on Drugs”…but Smart on Drugs.” he demonstrates that the “War on Drugs,” as a good concept, is not applicable around the world, and perhaps the US should join Europe in their approach that views drug use as a public health issue. He artfully explains to the reader what he has observed and discussed with people in many and diverse European countries, especially the Netherlands. His readers begin to understand how European countries take a far different approach to the use of marijuana than the US. This should make the United States take note and attempt a different approach in how we prosecute this soft drug. Growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s I recall Nancy Reagan’s famous slogan addressing the use of all drugs, “Just say no.” Everyone I knew wanted to experiment with marijuana that much more because of Nancy Reagan’s famous/infamous motto. Much because our government insisted we could not use marijuana we insisted we could. In addition, Steves’ article argues there…show more content…
He does this by comparing the difference in monies spent on drug programs by the two countries. According to Steves, “The FBI reports that about 40 percent of the roughly 18 million annual drug arrests in the US is for marijuana –the vast majority (89 percent) for simple possession” (Steves 5). The Dutch “Save 15 euros in police and healthcare costs for each euro invested in drug education, addiction prevention and counseling” (Steves 2). It is a very logical argument. I have been watching the news with interest and have read many articles about Washington State passing the legalization of marijuana. They are able to view not only the money they can make with the wholesale assets tax but the money they will save in police, attorney and prison

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