An Unchanging Society Essay

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An Unchanging Society Culture and social structure are the foundations of society. They are two interrelated parts that feed off of each other. Our culture is a consequence of the social -structure we create. Societies vary because these two foundations are ever-changing in every new one created. One society, far different from any other in today’s world, is the Amish. The Foundations of their society have seldom changed since its establishment some 200 years ago. In order to begin to understand the Amish society from a sociological standpoint, we must start by analyzing some of their principles, for these tell us the reason behind their meaning system and way of life. Later, these will show us the connection to their social organization. To begin with, one principle they revolve around is humility. The need to stay humble is very significant to them so that community is not sacrificed by giving into worldly desires and conveniences. Practicing simplicity aids them in remaining true to their humble ways. Their houses, clothing, and even horse and buggy reflectors stay plain to symbolize their humbleness (From Lecture and Movie). Extravagant possessions, and the pleasures they thereby provide, are of no interest to them, as they conflict with their humbleness. Therefore, their perceptions of the lavish lives we live differ from ours. Next, we will look at the principle of maintaining a strong and unified community. An Amish community is unlike any other. Whenever tragedy strikes, they all come together to help out and maintain their strength. No one person is ever alone (From Movie). Sustaining this type of atypical community is one major factor that holds their society together, hence the importance of the community triumphs over many other aspects. This principle results in the value they find in work. The unison they experience often comes

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