Poem Analysis: The Dick Army

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Dick Army 9/26/11 Text work #2 Questions 1-3, and 7 page 129 1) The protagonist in this story is Trevor, or “T.” His father lost his job as an architect in the high class society where his family used to live. Obviously, the family was forced to move into a smaller house and Trevor had trouble adapting to this change. Trevor soon became friends with kids around his neighborhood and later joined the Wormsley Common Gang. It was Trevor’s ideas and influence that led the gang to destroy Mr. Thomas’s house; it was Trevor who had the most impact on the story. This concludes that he is the central character; the protagonist. The antagonist would be society. The war has affected each and every individual of the gang on the inside, even if…show more content…
Though like other stories the protagonist conquers his/her obstacle, the endings are usually “happy endings.” This story is different by the fact that it does not have a happy ending. Though Trevor recognizes his goal and is fixated on it, many complications arise throughout the story. As usual Trevor (the protagonist) conquers the obstacles and the story goes in his favor. Even though Trevor did get his way, it still wasn’t a happy ending. This is nothing but a sad story of a teenage boy gone from good to bad, who leads other kids into his “revenge” against the higher class. Their mission is to destroy an innocent man’s house and their reason is because it is still standing from the Blitzkrieg of London. 7) Though each and every individual in the Wormsley Common Gang is a delinquent, the whole gang itself has qualities which can be smiled upon. The gang’s values are flipped compared to other, usual gangs. First of all, they reject personal gain, forget personal rivalries, and maintain their own justice within their gang framework. They all value loyalty, friendship, leadership, hard work, courage, and acceptance, but do not value power, value, and rank. Questions 1-4 page…show more content…
Das and Mr. Kapasi are actually very alike as persons. They are both in a deteriorating marriage that contains no love, they both father three children, and they both convey a sense of friendship since their jobs are somewhat similar. However, there are great cultural differences between the Americans and Mr. Kapasi. Though Mr. and Mrs. Das are of Indian descent, they came to their parents’ homeland as Americans. Mr. Das and Mrs. Das are very self-indulgent and immature in behavior, tactless, and proud. As Mr. Kapasi notes that they behave like a brother and sister that have to watch over the kids for one day. Mr. Kapasi, on the other hand, is an older person of dignity who is greatly fretful with his looks and impression he makes on others and has established a life of rituals that help comfort him with his unhappy marriage. More sympathy is shown for the American culture. They are displayed as neat and “cool” but as one can see; their relationship with themselves and their children gets worse everyday. Mrs. Das commits adultery and is 100% guilty because of it. This gives the reader a sense of empathy towards the children on what kind of people they will grow up to

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