American Counseling Association: Code Of Ethics

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Abstract The objective of my paper is to show how there are several difference and several similarities in The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and the American Counseling Association (ACA). By using information from each code of ethics this was how I was able to compare between the two. These codes of ethics were established to protect the overall well being of the counselors, client, and the profession. The American Association of Christian Counselors code of ethics was created specifically for Christian counselors and it has a Biblical and Christian worldview and foundation. The American Counseling Association code of ethics was established specifically for counselor to clarify, support, designed to assist members…show more content…
Informed consent is a shared decision-making process in which a practitioner provides adequate information so that a potential client can make an informed decision about participating in the professional relationship” according to (Barnett & Wise, 2007,). The great thing about informed consent is that it gives the client a chance to become involved, educated, and opens up the will of the client to participate in their therapy sessions. Informed consent has many similarities in the code of ethics. In obtaining informed consent for research, counselors must advise client and make sure that the client understands the research. Counselors should respect the need for informed consent regarding the structure and process of counseling. Early in counseling, counselor and client should discuss and agree upon issues that may occur during sessions. Rather it from the nature of and course of therapy; accurately explains the purpose and procedures to be followed; clients issues and goals; describe the benefits or changes in individuals or organizations that might be reasonably explain; confidentiality and its limits; and fees and financial procedures. Another similarity is that both codes of ethics require counselors in the act of a person are incapable of giving informed consent. They must obtain consent from the parents or the legally authorized…show more content…
In the ACA code of ethics (2005) sexual relationships are prohibited for five years after the last counseling session. In the AACC code of ethics (2004) forbidden sexual activities and deception includes, "direct sexual touch or contact, seductive sexual speech or non-verbal behavior, solicitation of sexual or romantic relations, and erotic contact or behavior as a response to the sexual invitation or seductive behavior of clients." The AACC code of ethics (2004) also prohibits Christian counselors do not counsel, but make appropriate referral, with current or former sexual and/or marital partners. It also prohibits marriage to former clients except under the very strict guidelines stated

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