Amazing Grace And Ordinary Resurrections

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New York City: The New Utopia? Imagine a world where poverty, disease, crime and drug use did not exist and everyone could live in peace and harmony. This ‘perfect’ world is called Utopia which suggests that everyone lives equally amongst one another. In the books Amazing Grace and Ordinary Resurrections written by Jonathon Kozol, the place described above as Utopia can also be considered New York Coty’s district between the 1st and 96th street. Past 96th street exists another world where one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the world exists; Mott Haven. This third world neighbourhood that exists in a first world nation contains some of the poorest, uneducated children in the world. What makes the matter worse is that this neighbourhood has been thrown together by New York’s government to segregate all of the ‘have-nots’ together. With the help of Reverend Martha Overall, the lives of these children in Mott Have have the hope for a bright future through encouragement and determination to break down the invisible racial and class division that exists on 96th street. Reverend Overall graduated from Radcliffe College as an attorney dealing in high finance for a New York Firm (Kozol, 87). This type of career is often seen as rewarding in the sense that a good income and lifestyle is almost always attached to this profession. However, Reverend Overalls brother passes of AIDS while she is practicing law, which opens a new view on life that eventually leads Overall to enter the church (Kozol, 87). From this point on Reverend Overall dedicates all of her attention to St. Ann’s church, which is a safe haven for many of the poorest children and families of New York. Many women turn to St. Ann’s in dire times when other places, such as women’s shelters, turn these women and children away when capacity is at its maximum (Kozol,146). Reverend Overall makes a point in regards

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