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Amazing Grace Question 1 Levi Bross Core III In the book, “Amazing Grace”, the author conducts interviews with a select few of the poorest people in New York City, who were living in the worst ghettos in the United States. These poor people mostly reside in the areas of South Bronx and Mott Haven, in which Kozol states, “most people would not even kennel their dogs in.” (pg. 51) This statement is eye opening and starling, in which it portrays how small and unfit these homes seem to be for people living in South Bronx and Mott haven. This statement also shows how inhuman the living quarters were, degrading a mere human to the level of a dog. I am sure that these people who have been born into a lifestyle of poverty or who have suffered from unfortunate events, do not make the decision to live in the worst ghettos of New York City. Lawrence Mead, a professor of political science at NYU, stated, “If poor people behaved rationally, they would seldom be poor for long in the first place.” I personally believe that this statement could be accurate in some situations, but not in a majority of the situations. I believe if this statement by Lawrence Mead reigned true, that the median income for this area of South Bronx would be greater then, “$7,600” (pg. 3) With this statistic, there is proof that the men and women of South Bronx are trying to provide for their families by getting out of the cycle of poverty. The presence of such a low socioeconomic level in these neighborhoods causes a significant increase in daily struggles for families and children. These struggles could possible affect work production in the education environment for these children and with such a brutal and gruesome cycle, it may be very challenging or even impossible for some children to just, “get out of poverty” as professor Mead might suggest. To put another factor into the

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