Amanda Todd's Suicide and Social Media's Sexualisation of Youth Culture

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Amanda Todd's suicide and social media's sexualisation of youth culture The writer’s thesis: The impact of pornography on children’s live is a problem that need to be dealt with. Summary: Amanda Todd, committed suicide after years of being bullied, had explained her story on Youtube. Months before, she abused drugs, alcohol then committed suicide. After her death, people have continued to bully Amanda by posting mocking videos and unkind comments. When she was in grade 7, a 30-year old man in her video chat cheered her to flash her breasts and she did. Then, he threatened her not only to show him more but also to spread her nude picture online. He did using her nude as a profile picture. She was alone because everyone knew her story and lost their respects to her. She decided to move and she met a new boy who pursued her into having a sexual relationship. Later, his girlfriend and her friends beat Amanda severely. She drank bleach in attempt to commit suicide but she was saved. She couldn't stand many sarcastic phrases bullying her on facebook and felt depressed so she moved again. Months later, people kept posting hurtful comments worsen her depression. Finally, she overdosed. There were at least two girls who were in a similar situation. Research showed that 18% of high school students have taken naked photos and 30% girls, 50% boys have forwarded them blinded that it was illegal. Questions about how pornography alter life and why it is hard to block them were raise. The author believes that adults can access everything freely but children should be protected because of bad influences of porn. It’s hard to know the exact amount of money porn made but estimably tremendous and consist of 20% underaged pornography. Pornography Industries defend that it has contributed to the government and R&D in universities. It explains why porn are

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