Alternate Moral System: Does It The Right Thing To Do?

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“Alternate moral systems are based on reason, not faith. One does what is right because reason determines that it is right and therefore doing wrong is irrational.” (Janaro & Altschuler, 2012; p. 359) I have never given much thought to why I feel and act the way I do beyond it being the right thing to do. I’ve never really defined religious beliefs as a moral code, either. I left my definition at religious belief. I had been raised mostly Southern Baptist and taught a lot of things I have grown to find absolutely disgusting and irrational. I wasn’t allowed to be friends with my best friend when I was 10 because she is biracial. I wasn’t allowed to be in Girl Scouts because of their affiliation with the Catholic Church. Gays would burn in Hell. Any belief system that wasn’t what I was being taught was wrong and it was my responsibility to lead them to the…show more content…
I developed a sense of right and wrong based not on what I had been taught in church but what made sense. I learned that I had been taught hate and judgment. Instead of acting on what I had been taught, I opened myself up to seeing things through someone else’s eyes. I was never able to understand how love was supposed to understand gender or skin color. I never understood whose gods were the right ones or if there really was a god at all. I do understand that causing harm to someone else is wrong and I won’t intentionally cause harm to myself or someone else. My moral code says that judging someone based upon their skin color, who they’re in love with, or their religion is wrong. My moral code says that everyone is entitled to pursue their own happiness so long as it does no harm. If someone is offended by how I live my life or what I believe, that’s their right to be offended but if I have not caused them harm, then my conscience is clear.

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