How Do You Make Ethical Decisions

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Personal Reflection #1 b) To me, it is a rather simple process. Making ethical decisions may seem hard, difficult and struggling in some peoples' point of view. However, when I consider that, it usually takes less time. I do this because I certainly do not want to waste much time on making such decisions. Also, as long as my decisions fill my principle, I feel totally comfortable in making them. My principle is that the ethical decisions I make must be in my own interest, without causing any harm to the others. Obviously, some may consider this as selfish and not caring for other people. I would not think of it like that, as in reality, we all ought consider our interests before others'. To me it is unethical to betray myself and treat myself worse than the way I should. This actually simplifies a huge part of struggling inside my heart. In this principle I assume all normal human beings would not do anything to harm the others. Well, of course, I would not neglect the consequences. As usual, outcomes are always extremely important. I cannot stand my mistakes affecting other people, especially the ones I care. Therefore not only would I consider my principle, I would go through all the possible outcomes turned from my actions. Maybe you would think my process is not so simple after all, but I can assure you as long as you have made your mind set, it is a straight road towards making a reasonable ethical decision. Like everyone else, I really don't want any one of my decisions to be wrong. But in reality mistakes are quite inevitable. When I realized that I committed a mistake, I would not dare ignoring it as things would only get worse. However, I usually don't doubt myself immediately. Instead, I would go through the process, thinking about how my decision turned out to be wrong, and try to relive the moment in my head. After I find out where my
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