Ally Mc Beal - First Episode

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Summary: Ally McBeal Season 1, Episode 1 In flashback, the young lawyer Ally McBeal remembers chose law school to follow his love Billy Thomas at Harvard. Then they separated, but she continued her studies and became a lawyer in an important firm. She lives the firm after being harassed by a colleague, Jack Billings, who continues to grab her behind. Ally immediately found a new job in a company led by Richard Fish, an old college friend. He presents her directly her new office and her secretary, Elaine, who is quite weird. After, she meets her new colleague: Billy Thomas. Ally is naturally shocked to find her old college-love, here, but reveals nothing. And coincidentally, Fish asks Billy to help Ally on the case against Billings’ provocations. The next morning, Ally did as if nothing had happened but her friend, Renee, knows that it will be hard for Ally to work with his old college-love, Billy. Later in the day, Billy will announce her that he’s now married. She hides her disappointment and surprise, but on her way, her anger explodes when someone push her accidentally. To everyone's surprise, Ally loses the case that Fish had given her. She admits her failure to Fish, and Billy takes her defense. She gets mad against him. Later, Billy asked for an explanation, Ally tells him that it's hard to work with him. Billy's wife, Georgia, arrives. Ally welcomes her warmly, but secretly, she hates her. In the evening, Georgia comes to visit Ally at home, saying that Billy had confessed that there was something between her and Ally. Ally tells her everything and they confess their hate for each other! They then feel better. The next day, Ally and Billy assign trial for Billings, which calls for an obsessive disorder that requires him to touch women’s behind. Ally loses his temper against him, Billy asked her to calm down and but at this moment she gets angry at him,

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