All The Pretty Horses Violence Analysis

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AP : In great literature, no scene of violence exists for its own sake response, A violent scene in the novel All The Pretty Horses persuaded the reader to believe that the situation controls the character’s actions based upon it. McCarthy’s novels are filled with ineluctable evil that creates the suspense violence in the novel. Even if the scene seem peaceful and just plain situation, McCarthy always find his way to make the setting seems dangerous or evil. People’s life, people’s story fiction or non fiction, there will always be a violence in it, it is what makes the people interested, or its how they keep the story going just like how McCarthy did in All the Pretty Horses. Before John Grady left his ranch, he wanted to fulfill…show more content…
They never question anything that happened to their lives. But once they step in La Purisima. Cole started having an illicit affair which got them thrown in jail. In jail, they witnessed a friend’s execution, being beaten convicts but most of all having someone almost killed John Grady. These two young man realize that whatever thrown in their life they will have the ability to survive it. Although, Rawlins cannot handle his duty being Cole’s best friend and the cruelty of the human nature and the people around so he returns home. John Grady all by himself learned that violence is accepted, whatever challenge will come, he will overcome it and learn from it. McCarthy is stating that once you have lost your innocence you will never get it back. So Cole started his journey again, by himself with nothing but his pride. He vowed to get his girl, Alejandra and their horses. After traveling and having the phone call he convinced Alejandra to meet up with him. Although, this may sound an innocent scene, it is still has the violence in it. Taking the risk of being together. Also, Alejandra dream of Cole getting shot for being with her. Evil found its way again, into the readers mind, with the confusion if Cole is actually going to die, when, where and why. While leaving Alejandra confused and worried, she decided to leave John Grady with a thought of him being safer when they aren’t together. By the
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