How Does The Author Create And Sustain Tension And Fear Throughout The Red Room And The Tell Tale Heart

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The Red Room and The Tell-Tale Heart are both gothic stories about men who at the beginning of story are very arrogant and sure of themselves, who find their views and their plans turned upside-down over the course of the story. In the Red Room, the main theme is that of the unknown lurking in the shadows and the things which you can and can’t see. The running theme in the Tell-Tale Heart is definitely madness. But both stories have the same themes of the supernatural, fear of the unknown and these themes are used to keep the tension and suspense running throughout the story. In these stories I think the settings are very familiar. The author of the Red Room opted for the scary, isolated castle whereas Edgar Allen Poe went for an old man’s house. I think that the Red Room setting is the one which would be most expected. It has the feel of any other gothic story at the beginning, although this soon changes, and it is quite a stereotypical setting for a story of this genre. As the setting always does, the castle does start the chain of suspense, and automatically starts the reader thinking about what will or won’t go wrong in the story ahead. The Tell-Tale heart setting is one that I think is less usual. It’s set in an ordinary house, but I think that this was a good choice. Unlike the Red Room, where the story was based completely of one of the features of the castle, the Tell-Tale heart’s unique story does not use any reference to the house. Because the actual building is not being emphasized on, the plot is the main part of the story which grabs the focus of the audience. However, in the Red Room and The Tell-Tale Heart, the main focus is definitely on the rooms in which all the adventure happens. In the Tell-Tale Heart, it’s the old man’s bedroom, and in the Red Room it’s the red room. Therefore in both cases, the small, cramped places in which the main
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