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The art piece that inspires me for my personal production task is from a little known artist by the name of Alice Pasquini. Pasquini builds a cultural identity for independent women through her colourful and objective street art pieces. She achieves this through her depictions of individuals, usually female or children, with explicit facial expressions commonly painted upon old unwanted walls. The facial expressions of these characters speak their story and identity aided by the refined and unusual painting style and the varying colours used to produce them. She inspires me from her bold, bright and profound artworks that are so characteristically distinguishable as being her style that they are hard to be mistaken as someone else’s work, this sense of identity through style is incredibly intriguing as a way of expressing ones individuality. The particular piece that I have selected entitled ‘morning wishes’ I find to be a hauntingly beautiful, dark and nostalgic depiction of childhood memories, growth and acceptance.

Unlike many of her other art pieces ‘morning wishes’ is not painted using spray paint but instead with acrylic paints. The rather unusual use of media by Pasquini is a statement in itself. A statement about identity through personal history. The progression from acrylic paints to spray paints is recognizable through the growth of Alice Pasquini as an artist. She reverts back to using only acrylic paints in this piece as a representation of the innocence that it once symbolized for her. This piece was painted upon cardboard which is also uncharacteristic of Pasquini as she generally paints upon brick walls in streets. The cardboard also implies that the inspiration for this piece was drawn upon from a much simpler time such as childhood and preadolescence. This piece is painted in pastel colours with a slight hint of darker, more devious colours.

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